To start the New Year we have decided to set fixed prices for horns. This way, you will always know what to expect when ordering from us. The prices are:

Humongous Horns-$23/Scrimshawable-$28

X Large-$21/Scrimshaw XL-$26/Premium XL-$31

Large-$18/Scrimshaw L-$23/Premium L-$28

Medium-$15/Scrimshaw M-$20/Premium M-$25


These are select cow horns picked for color, shape and size. The horns listed as 02-321-xxx are in stock at the beginning of the day. Please click on each horn for an exact description of it. We attempt to give as detailed a description as possible, including carry side, length on bottom of curve, base shape, measurement and circumference, and even the weight. Double click on the pictures to see the details of the horn. The horns will be pictured pointing in the direction they would be worn. A second smaller picture can be added with the description, so you can see what the other side looks like.

When you order on the shopping cart, it locks the item so no one else can order the same item. Thank you for understanding.